Why should I purchase my supplements though The Blood Sugar Solution Store?

While it is not necessary to buy your supplements through The Blood Sugar Solution Store, it is the only place available to buy the specific supplements and packages associated with Dr. Hyman’s best selling book The Blood Sugar Solution. In the Store, we offer only the highest-quality, medically-effective supplements personally recommend by Dr. Hyman in The Blood Sugar Solution book. Dr. Hyman has spent years researching the highest-quality, most effective supplements on the market and we’ve included the best of the best in our Store.

The vast majority of these supplements can only be purchased if you have a relationship with a physician or nutritionist, but we have made them available to you through this special offer to The Blood Sugar Solution book buyers. All of our supplements are offered at competitive prices.

Finally, your choice to buy supplements from The Blood Sugar Solution Store supports important training and research in the field of Functional Medicine. Dr. Hyman is committed to donating a portion of all proceeds to non-profit institutes supporting these causes.

What is the difference between Option 1 and Option 2 in the Basic or Advanced Plans?

In my extensive research on supplement companies I have come across many companies and products. And there are only a few companies you can truly trust. It’s not often that I have the luxury of recommending two excellent and effective product kits. However, I am pleased to bring you both of these options that are designed to work with The Blood Sugar Solution Plan. The main difference with these two options is that one is a capsule and the other are tablets. Here is a quick guide on that:

  • Blood Sugar Solution Basic Plan – PureLean Pak Kit (Option 1) – Capsules
  • Blood Sugar Solution Basic Plan – Wellness Essentials Kit (Option 2) – Tablets
  • Blood Sugar Solution Advanced Plan – Purelean Pak Kit (Option 1) – Capsules
  • Blood Sugar Solution Advanced Plan – Wellness Essentials Kit (Option 2) – Tablets


What are the shipping and handling fees?

If you decide to upgrade to Auto-ship, you will enjoy free shipping on orders over $100 (standard ground shipping only).

The supplement recommendations given are not within my financial means. Can I “step” into taking the supplements?

The supplement recommendations given to you are personalized for you based on you answers to the quiz. Although we do believe you need these supplements we also realize that this could be financially taxing for you. If that is the case we suggest that you do not need to address all of these personal issues simultaneously, you can “step” into the investment. We recommend you start with the Basic or Advanced Kit as suggested in your personalized recommendations and also follow the dietary guidelines from the book. Just those measures will go a very long way to reduce your levels of diabesity. If you have the means and inclination to simultaneously address one of the other specialized health issues, then by all means we encourage you to do so. It will accelerate your healing. You then can retest in a month or so and see if the subsequent issues still need to be addressed. If so, you can decide to continue addressing specific issues while building on your established foundation.

Please know that we offer you the exact same supplements Dr. Hyman uses in his private practice for over 20 years. We price all supplements at the suggested retail price recommended by the manufactures with no additional mark-up. These prices would be charged by any healthcare provider that sells these supplements through their practice. We even offer a 10% discount off of the prices if you purchase the bundled kits. There are many poor or average quality supplements in the marketplace. Dr. Hyman has identified the manufactures and specific supplements he feels gives you and his own personal patients the best chance for optimum healing.

Regardless of whether you can afford the supplements, we encourage you to follow the recommendations in the book, to eat whole, healthy foods that your body was intended to use, not the processed, unhealthy foods that litter our food markets and street corners. If you follow the diet and lifestyle recommendations that Dr. Hyman outlines in his latest best-selling book, The Blood Sugar Solution, you can revitalize your health, boost your metabolism/energy, control blood sugar and lose weight. The supplements though important, are not required to follow this life-changing program. Shifting your diet to eating healthier foods is the long-term key.

If I order once, can I reorder?

Yes, of course you can reorder. In fact, many of the recommended supplements from the book are designed to support your ongoing health for the rest of your life. In fact, we keep all of your prior orders in the system so it very easy for you to reorder supplements. We also offer an automated reorder option that sends you the supplements you want and need directly to your door at the exact right time without you having to lift a finger. Please call our friendly customer service team at 1-888-702-2995 to learn more about this personalized service.

How long does it take from the time I order to get my supplements?

Your supplements orders are packed and shipped to you the day of your order as long as they are placed on a business day by noon eastern time. If your order comes in after noon eastern time, they are processed and shipped the very next business day. Our distribution center is located in the Midwest so orders get to both coasts quickly. On average, your supplements should arrive on your door in less than five days. Naturally, if you take advantage of our automatic reorder service we have your shipments timed to arrive at your home before you ever run out of your previous supply.

What if some of the items I ordered are temporarily out of stock?

If you placed an order for something that is out of stock, and your order is for standard shipping, we will allow 3 days for the backorder to be filled. If on day 3 your order cannot be filled in its entirety we will partially ship your order (The packing slip will indicate the backorder). If your order is on Two-Day shipping or Overnight- we will immediately partially ship your order (The packing slip will indicate the backorder). Your back order item will be shipped as soon as the item is available. It will ship in the method your original order had shipped. Tracking will come from Fulfillment Center fulfillmentcenter@ifssolutions.com.

What are the shipping and handling fees?

We decided to use FedEx to handle all of our supplement shipments, because we feel they are the best in the business to assure that your supplements arrive on time and in excellent condition. FedEx will also allow you to track your shipments throughout the transit. While there are some cheaper carriers, we feel our clients deserve the best quality shipping and handling when it comes to getting delivery of their important supplements.

We took an average of all of our shipping and handling charges and priced our standard shipping accordingly. We don’t make any profit on shipping and handling charges. We also don’t hide shipping and handling charges by charging extra for the supplements. Finally, due to special packaging we do add a small surcharge to supplements that must avoid extreme temperatures during transit, like probiotics. We feel this extra charge is worth the assurance that your temperature-sensitive supplements will arrive and still be effective. We do recommend you consider upgrading to 2-day air shipping for supplements that require this special packaging.

Is there an advantage of going on auto-ship?

The greatest advantage of our automatic shipping service is that you are assured your important supplements will arrive at your door automatically when you need them without having to remember to call or go online to reorder. You can customize the service to deliver different supplements (or supplement kits) at different intervals. You can start and stop your shipments at any time. You can arrange for your supplements to be shipped to different addresses if you spend time on long vacations or have summer/winter homes. You can easily set up auto-ship orders in your “My Account” page or please call our friendly Customer Service Team at 1-888-702-2995 to learn more about the service and set-up your order.

When you sign-up for auto-ship service, you will receive FREE standard shipping on both your initial shipment and your subsequent auto shipments, as long as your orders maintain a qualifying total of over $100.00 per order. Qualified orders could save you over $100.00 dollars in shipping over the course of a year. If your orders are under $100.00 , you can still take advantage of the other tremendous benefits of auto-shipping, but you will be charged standard S&H.

What do I do if the supplements arrive and something is damaged?

While it is our goal to have all of your supplements arrive on time and in pristine condition, we understand that accidents do occasionally happen. If your order should arrive damaged please call our Customer Service Team at 1-888-702-2995. If needed, we will make arrangements for our carrier to pick up your damaged product(s) and a new order will be sent to you immediately at no additional costs.

Does someone need to be home to receive my order?

No, in the vast majority of cases, our preferred carrier will leave your shipments at your door, mailbox, etc. if no one is home. We take great care in the packing of your supplements so they are safe from the elements if you are not home. In the rare instance where our carrier does not feel comfortable leaving a package at your door, they will typically return the next day to try and deliver when someone is home or provide you directions to pick it up locally at your convenience.

What about supplements which need to be refrigerated?

The vast majority of supplements do not need refrigeration and are extremely stable. With some supplements like probiotics, it is important to keep them from getting too hot, but rarely is actual refrigeration needed. Regardless, we send supplements that need to avoid extreme temperatures in special packages that have ice packs included to avoid any heat degradation. We take special care to assure these supplements arrive to you with their optimum potency.

Do I have to order all my supplements from The Blood Sugar Solution Store or can I order supplements from other sources?

Obviously, we want you to think of The Blood Sugar Solution Store as your main source for all supplements, and we will work hard to be your preferred supplier. While we carry the best supplements available in every category outlined in The Blood Sugar Solution, we naturally don’t carry every single brand of supplement available. You might have your own personal favorites not available through this site. If so, you may need to purchase those products from other suppliers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at supplements@Ultrawellness.com or call our Customer Service Team at 1-888-702-2995 if you’d like to suggest that we carry brands not on our site or if you have feedback on how we can do a better job.

Do you ship to Canadian or other countries outside of the United States?

Yes, we do ship to Canadian addresses. We also ship to U.S. Territories like Puerto Rico. At this time, we do not ship to any other foreign countries besides Canada. We can accept credit cards with foreign billing addresses, but only deliver supplements to U.S and Canadian addresses.

Please note: Canadian buyers do face certain restrictions when importing supplements. A full explanation of Canadian Shipping Terms & Conditions can be found under our Shipping Policy section. We recommend that Canadian buyers review these Terms & Conditions before buying supplements.